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Current Issue

January-June 2022| Vol 1| Issue 1


Combating surgical infections

Surgeons are facing a wide range of surgical infections acquired in communities or health-care facilities in their daily clinical practice. These surgical infections could be surgical site infection...

Original Article

Bacteriological profile of bile in cholecystectomy patients in tertiary care center

Aims and Objectives: This study was done to evaluate the microbiological profile of bile from the gall bladder in patients undergoing cholecystectomy and to determine the appropriate antibiot...

Original Article

Implementing surgical site infection surveillance in the context of WHO's implementation cycle – The perspective of one London teaching hospital

The role of implementation and improvement science in preventing surgical site infections (SSI) has been recognized as important and the global situation with SSI prevention warrants on-going attent...

Original Article

Minimally invasive approach in appendectomy and cholecystectomy reduces risk for early but not late-onset Clostridioides difficile infection

Introduction: Clostridioides difficile-associated colitis (CDAC) may develop even after minor abdominal surgeries such as appendectomy and cholecystectomy. Minimally invasive technique...

Original Article

A cross-sectional survey of perioperative lung protection in gastrointestinal surgery in Mainland China

Objective: To understand the implementation status of perioperative lung protection (PLP) in gastrointestinal surgery patients and the awareness of PLP and respiratory care (RC) among gastroi...

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